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You can choose from three different options for your florals. Choose what works best for you.

Don't see what you are looking for here?  Contact us, and we'll talk about your florals ideas.

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Option 1
Full Service Floral Design

We'll work closely with you to create the florals for your event from start to finish. We'll match your request as closely as possible based on your budget and the availability of the fresh flowers. 

Option 2
Just Trust Us

You'll give us your plan for the florals and your budget. Then, we'll design and prepare the florals using what we think will look best to create something magical.

Option 3
You're the Boss

If you have your own creative flair and want to do your own florals, we'll come help you.  You'll be the boss and we'll be an extra set of hands during floral creation, installation, and clean up at your event.

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